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Quality washing by hand

With a view to the value and artistic content of Oriental carpets, it is necessary to ensure a long service life.

Sand, dust etc. are "enemies" of carpets, as these dirt particles penetrate deep into the pile and the pile material is thus damaged with every step. For this reason, carpets should be subjected to a thorough washing by hand every now and again.



The following processes are carried out in the washing:




•To start with, the carpets are shampooed from the back with curd soap (no chemicals!), with the result that the dirt particles adhering to the warp are dissolved.




•Now, the pile materials and the fringes are shampooed twice with curd soap and then re-greased, so that the wool shine is reproduced and the wool rejects dirt for a long period



Main process:


•Then, we turn the carpets round and pour water on them on an inclined plane, the water then penetrating through the woofs and the wool. During this, we process the pile side with a specific hand-held tool. This is repeated until only clear water comes out.





•After this, we spin the carpets in a specific centrifuge and dry them at a room temperature of about 20 degrees.

(As old carpets have the risk that warps and wefts become brittle, the water is removed by hand here)



Our objective is to treat the carpets in such a way that the processing does not result in any further damage. This is why we do not use any chemicals in our work as a matter of principle in order to reduce the work necessary, as is customary otherwise.


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